Adrián Moreno Llorente

The Author and his Winery


Adrián Moreno Llorente, architect and graduated with a degree of Business Management, and his father have been making RULEI since 2011, the wine that comes from the two old vineyards handed down to him by his family, which he cultivates personally as a winegrower.

Both focus their efforts on the production of small quantities of wine, so that the care and affection that a good wine needs is not lacking. This, and respect for wine and grapes, as a natural elaboration, without artifice and sustainable viticulture, make up the RULEI philosophy.


A small artisan family winery of about 140 m2, built around 1890 and excavated in the earth in the traditional way in the area.

It is located in Badarán, in the heart of the Alto Najerilla Valley, in the Rioja Alta sub-area. It is a municipality with a long tradition of winemaking with a large number of artisan wineries in its winery neighborhood and, in turn, unique in the world for its old Grenache vineyards.

It has been restored and renovated, to adapt it to current production processes but maintaining a traditional winemaking process.

The grapes are received at the winery in boxes and in small trailers. After destemming all the red grapes, they are fermented in concrete tanks of about 30,000 liters, in which skins, seeds and must start their metamorphosis into wine. They convert the sugar into alcohol, the color turns ruby ​​red and the aromas and flavors of fruits appear.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the lake is bled and the remaining solid is pressed. And the malolactic fermentation begins in the lower part of the cellar, in smaller concrete vats, or already directly in the barrels where it will later be aged.

After its multiple months evolving in the aging process, it is bottled and left to rest in the bottle rack where it will be rounded and refined.

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