The Author and his Winery

Adrián Moreno Llorente

Adrián Moreno Llorente

Architect and graduated with a degree of business Administration and Company Management, he personally cultivates the old vineyard that his family passed him down.

He elaborates its wine since 2011 in a little family-owned winery, built around 1890 and excavated in the       land in a traditional way from the region. Restored and reformed by him, to adapt the winery to the current wine-making process, but keeping a traditional vinification.

The winery is located in Badarán, in the heart of the Valley of Alto Najerilla, in the Rioja Alta area. It is a municipality with a long wine-making tradition, with a large number of artisan wineries located in its winery neighborhood and, at the same time, unique in the world for its vineyards. 11% of the vineyard is more than eighty years old and that is something that does not exist all over the world.

Mapa de La Badarán (La Rioja)

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